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March 2013

I'm setting myself the task of getting a few patterns for sale/download onto my website and Ravelry.  These are mostly patterns that were briefly showcased in the Stitch Library of my book, Knitty Gritty - The Next Steps, but not as fully written patterns.  So far I've published the Cabled Snood and Moss Zig Cushion Cover. Have a look at the Home page of this website or look out for Knitting SOS on Ravelry.


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Jan 2013

Here's my version of the Golden Vintage Cardigan by babycocktails.  I knitted shorter sleeves by going straight from the sleeve border to the sleeve cap shaping and added buttonbands (I find that being a bit curvy means that if I don't have enough buttons on my cardigans the opening tends to gape).  I love that I found perfectly matching blue tights to go with it!  AND...I made the skirt too : ) *insert_emoticon_for_smug_crafter_face*















Sept 2012

I've been terrible about updating the website in the last year!  Sorry : (

I have been doing odds and ends of knitting.  I've enjoyed knitting an elephant from Knitted Toy Tales.  And a few other bits and pieces that I must take pics of soon.  See NOT KNITTING for more info.














Nov 2011

Aneeta is knitting a gorgeous tank top for Very Gorgeous Owen...pics soon!


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Sept 2011

Aneeta is...KNITTING.  Yes it surprised me too.  Since I finished the book I've done little esle BUT knit!  It seems that now I don't have to knit for the book and I can knit for my own projects and pleasure, I'm enjoying it again.  Thank goodness...I thought writing another book had completely put me off my craft!  : )


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31st August 2011

Aneeta is knitting...not knitting, not knitting, nah nah nah nah nah naaaah!  Just finished my book.  17 of the hardest months of my work life.  Allergies to natural fibres.  Death of my Father.  The first deadline I've ever missed.  But...DONE!  Phew.  I thought I wanted the moment marked by dancing girls and champagne, but instead found myself strangely peaceful and satisfied by tomato soup, last night's Eastenders and most bizarrely, a bit of knitting (non-book related of course).


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Februay 2011 Update:

Aneeta is knitting Knitting SOS at it's new venue of Look Mum No Hands.  Come and join me for the monthly free drop in knitting session!



November 2010 Update:

November is officially the month of knitting in the round...hats, socks, come and join me!


October 2010 Update:

Still pegging away on projects for the new book.  Lots to catch up on post-Summer-hols!


April 2010 onwards:

A new book!  A sequel to Knitty Gritty..expected in all good knitting/book shops in September 2012.

  • Little girl's dress
  • Socks
  • Kiddy hoody
  • And Lots More!!!

  • Feb 10 - Crazy Ninjas, Voodoo Boyfriends, Stuffed Handbags(!) and as of this morning,  a rush job to knit a pair of Opera Gloves!
  • For ME!  A cabled, belted cloche to go with my new winter coats.
  • A bright stripy scarf to go with the above coats.

  • Valentine's Hearts

For a free pattern, go to the Home page of Knitting SOS



































  • Nov 09
Pressies...but I'm not saying who for!  : )






  • September09 - My adapation of a Rowan pattern...now with pockets!

  • July 09 - Ipod cozies for cricket fans - see Free Knitting Patterns page!
  • Jan, Feb and the rest of 2009....socks, socks and more socks.  My name's Aneeta and I'm a sock-addict.
  • Xmas Hols knitting: intarsia samplers for the Intarsia Class in Feb 09.  See Classes page for more info. 
  • Tue 16th Dec 08.  BEARDS!  Long story.
  • ***UPDATE***  Sun 14th Dec 08.  I'm knitting SOCKS!  Thanks to Kate, Scotia, Beth, Tamara, Alex, Stefan and Misti Alpaca Sock Yarn for inspiring me to get going after thinking about socks for over a year.  Wait until the new year then ask me for the pattern.  I haven't found a good pattern for a simple pair of top down, ladies, knee length socks anywhere, so I'm making one up (with some maths help from Stefan: Loop's Sock King!)

















  • Nov 08.  The Hallowig in black and red sparkly yarn.
  • Oct 08.  'Soft and Sweet' by Jean Moss in a super soft black alpaca.

On my To Knit List is:

  • More socks.
  • Wire and yarn giant flowers for hair accessories and brooches.
  • Gloves that I can use for cycling in the winter.  Extra long up to the elbow with felted palms.  It's a bit of a nasa-style design...currently in planning stage.
  • ...? Hmm, want to do more designing, but humming and ha-ing over what.
  • 4 ply cardigan.  With long sleeves as everything else I have seems to be 3/4 and I have cold wrists!  Or maybe just some wrist-warmers.
  • Black lace knitted wrap dress.  Over ambitious with my aches and pains maybe, but I'm allowed to wish.
  • Red Cardigan (note the capitals).

Recently knitted:

  • 6x3 metre knitted billboard. More details on Press page.
  • Knitted wire jewellery for some classes I'm teaching.
  • A little one-piece, beaded top I designed using Sublime Mohair.  Very cleavagey!
  • 'Basic Black' from Magknits.
  • Glam yet impractical long, red, sequined gloves. Kiss









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