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April 2014

Here's Margaret's beautiful Edie jumper.  It's so fabulously stylish!



















Dec 2013

Bridget's an all-round crafter and I was delighted to see her at Knitting SOS's knitting group in December...all the way from Kent!  Her are the fabulous animal jumpers she knitted for Jethro and Grayson.  Grrrr...














Sept 2012

Melinda's been knitting lots of projects from Knitty Gritty 1.  Here's my favourite...I love the little brooch fastening on the shawl!

"The wrist warmers seem to be particularly popular - I have had a couple of orders from friends! Oh the pressure! The mobile phone cover is an adaptation and I havn't put the arms on, and used a glittery yarn although this doesn't really show up in the photo!"












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Sept 2012

Gulnaz is leading the Karachi branch of Knitting SOS!  Here's her interpretation of the Manly Scarf from Knitty Gritty...I wonder if there are any Newcastle footy fans in Pakistan : )











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June 2012

Sam's Elephant.  This pattern is from the beautiful book Knitted Toy Tales by Laura Long. It's definitely on my list for things I want to knit!














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April 2012

Caroline's Socks - as seen in Knitty Gritty 2 - the next steps out Autumn 2012!  : )







Nov 2011

Smiley Pepa's scarf and hat.  But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's too hot in Pepa's native Tenerife for knitwear as I'm soon off for a well-deserved week of winter sunshine!











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June 2011

Perfect for rainy British Summers...Cet's cabled throw.





















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April 2011

Loretta's clever way of hiding a mistake in this beautiful baby blanket.  I bet you can't spot any mistakes here!  : )

















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March 11

Sara's first adult garment : )  Find the pattern here.









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Feb 11

Tracy's kiddy cardy in sock yarn.  You can turn any simple pattern into something exciting by using self-striping yarn. 

Here's Tracy's creative story on a solution for running out of yarn:

"I began knitting this cardigan after a friend knitted one for my little boy when he was a baby. I bought one ball of wool from an on-line shop to knit it with. When I was half way through the first sleeve, I realised I wouldn't have enough yarn for the rest of the sleeve plus another one, but had lost the label by this time. I managed to find a similar yarn at another on-line knitting shop, but realised that if I simply carried on, one sleeve would look different to the rest of the cardigan.

So I unravelled the first sleeve and wound the yarn into lots of little balls of the different colours and textures. I used a combination of the original and the new yarn, knitting in stripes so that I had two sleeves the same!

I had bought the buttons from a craft festival last summer, and was so pleased when I finally got to sew them on and send the finished piece to my friends in Rome as a gift for their baby girl."
















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Jan 11

Cet Goes To Iceland

Cet's one of the most prolific knitters I know...a genius with knitting needles - not so great on her 8 times table ; ) !













Jan 11

Andria's Family of Hats

"Hi, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the book Knitty Gritty.  It provided me with the basics and clear instructions, and now I am hooked on knitting!  This past Christmas I made everyone in my family a hat (that's 13, plus a cowl for Gran and tea cozy for Dad).  I've attached a picture of one of my favourites, made for my almost 18 month old niece.  I can't thank you enough!

Andria "














Dec 10

Kelly's Pom Pom Booties (find free bootie patterns on the links page).

"I have knitted my first project, i jumped ahead slightly and started with the booties. They were so easy to make, I have never knitted anything before and felt very proud of myself when I finished them today. I personalised them slightly and added a pom pom as suggested in the book. I thought you might like to see a picture, which I've attached. These are a present for my best friend who's pregnant with her second baby.

I'm looking forward to trying the other projects and I'm just casting on for the baby mittens to match : )"












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Dec 2010

Bea's Big Scarf that just kept getting BIGGER!















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Dec 2010


Helen's Knitty Gritty Christmas Presents!











Here's Diana in her beautiful grey jumper...looks too good to give away lady!











"Hi Aneeta

Just wanted to say thank you for Knitty Gritty!  I've only been knitting for a few weeks (my daughter's been learning at school, so I thought I'd have a go too!).  I've been really struggling to understand patterns, but your book has made it so simple!  Earlier this week I had a go at the baby mittens and booties, and I've even attempted ribbing and moss stitch!  I'm currently working on the hat!


Thanks for demistifying it all for me!  I've attached a couple of photos - not perfect by any means, but I'm really pleased with myself!




Nov 2010


Terrorist Knitting!














Caleb's First Scarf!









"I am enjoying your book immensely.  As requested, I am attaching a picture of my first scarf.  It's in Rowan Big Wool, and I used 9mm needles as I was too eager to read the instructions - but I like the result, which is a very tight garter stitch.  The pic doesn't do it justice, as the colour (Glum) is a lovely sable.  It will be a present for my Mother."


Note to Knitters:  Although this worked for Caleb's scarf, it is important to listen to your yarn and pattern when choosing needle size!




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Great Aunt Sybil's Shrug












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Oct 2010

If you go down to the woods tonight..what will you find?  Summer's Teddy Bears' Picnic!









September 2010

Summer's been really busy..I don't just mean the season, I mean the lovely Summer who's been knitting for about a year now and she's producing some ace knitting and I must say some really beautiful photos too.  I've been lazy in getting the website updated (with my busy Summer season of gallivanting) but here you go..enjoy!

































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Aug 2010

Kerry's Triumphant Tea Cosy!

















August 2010

Sim's day-glo booties and mitts!
























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May 2010

Here's Margot's Kenny looking very professorial in his smart vest.




















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April 2010

Here's Summer's latest knitted gift:  Eddie and Felix (Eddie's the one with the trunk!)














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24th March 2010

Dairy of a Sock Knitter!


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23rd March 2010

And now for something a little bit different....Summer (one of my very creative knitters) is NOT knitting an embroidered jute bag - after the Basic Embroidery class I ran a couple of weeks ago : )




























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10th Feb 2010

Kathryn did some clever maths on the child's cardigan from Knitty Gritty and made 5 evenly spaced buttons.  Very impressive!




















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1st Feb 2010

Cet's Jumper For Ross.

"Here's Ross in his jumper - it didn't take long to do and he says it's lovely and warm...  :-)"

























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6th Jan 10

After a couple of long distance SOS's (including one rather memorable wine-fuelled confusion!) and a Boxing Day one to one session in sewing up, here's Cet's version of the Big Wool cardy with cable plait and pockets.  Now we just have to wait for her to replace those buttons with some handmade ones..*hint to Ross*  ; )
























27th Dec 09

Here's a very stylish take on the hot water bottle from Ian..

"Thank you for your e-mail. I got straight on with it and finished it in time for Christmas, so thanks!  It was for a man, and I think the green works really well with the wooden buttons (see below).  I've already started on the ladies' mittens in a rather nice turquoise aran, so thanks for getting this knitting bug started.  Ian"

























27th Dec 09

Hi  Aneeta
From your book I've knitted the hot water bottle cover and cable bag (both in the colours in the book) and a wonderful scarf (idea for Colinette Point 5 yarn came from your book).
As I might have said before, I've knitted on and off since a child, but never progressed beyond basics and always assumed techniques like cable would be beyond me.
But after I learned to cable following your excellent instructions, I began to feel quite clever!  This helped me feel suffiiently confident to tackle the cardigan/jacket in the December issue of Let's Knit.
I've knitted a few other things, including a striped beanie hat for my nephew, and am about to start a Debbie Bliss cardigan for husband (although as 'inbetween' projects I shall be knitting, from your book, the lacy wrap for my mum and mohair scarf for mother-in-law).
Anyway, here they are, and thanks again!
Have a very Happy New Year.

















































































19th Dec 09

Maria's Dad's Socks.

"I have attached a picture of my dad trying out the new socks I knitted for him (he’s happy to be published on your website – he’s such a celebrity!)."






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24th Nov 09

Summer's booties are not only very lovely, but her photo really shows them off.  I'll be using this mirror trick!

































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17th Nov 09

Fleur's Rant!  Love it : ) 

"oh and a quick note on spreading knitting joy.  People need more knitting joy in their lives, i am twenty four and when people see me knitting or hear me talking about knitting they look at me as if i have just confessed to being a lapdancer in stringfellows or tell me i 'have too much time on  my hands and need to get out more' this not only irritates me because its extremely narrow minded but i don't think its right that people should stunt other peoples creativity because they don't understand it. I've just graduated from a performing arts degree and took up knitting mainly because i didn't have a creative outlet anymore and the idea of making things completely from scratch was awesome, mind you people thought performance art was weird too and i got many 'are you a tree?' questions!  Ok rant over :) I am going to make it my personal campaign to make knitting in wiltshire cool!!! Maybe we need some sort of knitted protest? lol xx"































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16th Oct 09

Owen's Mum's Flowers

"...and this was meant to be sent to you last November! Mum's flowers
that she started churning out after getting your book for her birthday."


























16th Oct 09

Here's the latest offering from Cet for Owen's Mum.

"hullo, just done a photo shoot with Mum modelling her new wrist
warmers as knitted by Cet and additional lighting provided by Dave!
It's a very good photo if we do say ourselves :)

For your anorak information the wool Cet used is hand-dyed merino
wool from Peru http://www.mirasolperu.com/ "















































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15th Sept 09

Hi Aneeta,

This is my complete knitted wrap using the pattern from the absolutely fantastic Knitty Gritty.  I absolutely love it and it will make a nice Xmas present.

Jeannie x































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14th Sept 09

Here's a neat idea for a gift by Cet for Owen's Mum - Bed Socks with Travel Case.  Perfect Christmas present!




































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7th Sept 09

A very elegant American in London - Candace - knitted this for her grandson Cody in Switzerland.  

As well as learning a few new techniques, I passed on the essential bit of wisdom that you don't have to follow a knitting pattern religiously.  If there's something you don't like or seems like it would be better suited to you another way...go for it! The results as you can see are unique and have happy faces. Smile









































6th Sept 09

"Hi Aneeta

I've knitted a small cable project bag from your book whilst on holiday.  The pattern was easy to follow and my sis in-law has taken it and absolutely loves it.  It's just big enough for a mobile phone and a purse.  I'm going to make another bigger one to carry my projects with me.

Jeannie x"











































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4th Sept 09

Jeannie's Bunny (the Magic Bunny that keeps the Boogey Man away!)





































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31st Aug 09

Here is Kathryn's take on booties and hat from Knitty Gritty.

"Here are some photos, as promised.  I was thrilled with the booties, and amazed that they only took me an evening each to do (especially as an absolute beginner).  I was even more thrilled that both booties turned out exactly the same size!!

I used the rest of the yarn to make the matching bobble hat, which I'm really pleased with although it is a bit bigger than I thought - it fits my one year old, so maybe a bit big for my friend's newborn!!!  Bigger is better, though, as at least she can grow into it.  If I do another baby hat I'll try 4mm needles.

I've bought some lovely deep red cashmerino aran to knit the zig zag scarf next - I can't wait to get stuck in!

Thanks for the help,











































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10th Aug 09

After lots of online Knitting SOS-ing, here is a gorgeous pair of fingerless mitts from Jeannie.


















Ok, Christabelle, now I'm getting worried!

"Dwight on throne commanding (from left to right):
Charlie Brown
(Gherkin and Armadillo went to Lynne and Steve to match their hot water bottle cover.)"

Christabelle is one of my true knitting addicts!




































Simone's Sock















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19th May 09

Kate's been busy with Knitty Gritty!



































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13th May 09

I love to see it when you knit things from Knitty Gritty.  Here's the baby cardigan...thanks to Tori in Devon.  See her Zig Zag scarf and hat below.



























11th March 09

A timely and kind email from Antonia in Berkshire...

"Dear Ms Patel,

I just wanted to say that 'Knitty Gritty' is brilliant! I've been learning
to knit over the last couple of months, and am currently making a scarf for
my mum for Mother's Day. Your book is the clearest and most helpful I've
found - and I've looked at a lot! Thank you for creating such an excellent
and good-humoured guide for the complete newbie like me. :-):-) I will
definitely be recommending it to other new knitters.

The 'Knitting SOS' is a fabulous idea, too!

Best wishes,




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9th March 09

Here's some gorgeous, knitted wire jewellery from a very talented lady.  She makes and sells her work here: http://www.mahliqa.etsy.com

If this has inspired you, make sure you sign up to the Knitting SOS mailing list and look out for the Knitted Wire Jewellery class coming soon.  I can't promise you anything as elaborate as Suraya's pieces...but maybe the younger siblings of!




























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26th Feb 09

SOS in practice, knitted by Frances.

Q:  Anyway, my problem is about interpreting this baby jacket pattern
(link to pdf document)
In the section 'Shape Sleeves', it says to Cast On 5 sts at beg of next 8
Once I've casted these stitches on, do these stitches remain on my left needle (where my WIP is) and I knit through them OR do they go the right needle, I knit my work and then they're only knitted through on the next row?

A:  For your cardigan (what a lovely pattern by the way), it's the first thing you said.  The sts are cast onto your left needle with the wip, and knitted in that row.


























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15th Feb 09

Tori from Devon is working her way through Knitty Gritty with great enthusiasm.  Keep sending photos as I love to see your interpretations of the patterns I designed for Knitty Gritty.  Get creative!

"...Here are pictures of the hat and zig zag scarf that I have made from the Knitty gritty book.  They only took me a couple of days to make and I am really pleased that I can do something interesting in such a short space of time learning. I am going to start the child's cardigan next, it might take me a while to do but I shall email you with pictures when completed.  Thank you for such a great book." 





























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14th Feb 09

Patricia is an American living in Norway...that's a pretty intimidating place to knit as it's full of very talented types!  But I think she's doing very well.

"I am a US expate living Norway...a place where people knit
and don't really have to look at what they are doing! I have been
intimidated the whole time  I have lived here...but deep inside wanted to
learn myself. SO! During November, I got a little bit of help on a trip
home and in December I got your book and well...I AM KNITTING! I just had
to write you! I have so enjoyed it...it is going very well. When I finished the baby booties...you can't imagine how I felt. And I made a beautiful luxurious scarf. Thank
you for your book and I hope you write KNITTY GRITTY two! You can't imagine
how much I have learned and how much I understand because you have laid it
out so simply and easily to grasp. I am hoping that my knitting will be a
bridge to join with and meet other people here. Thanks again! I will keep
visiting Knitting SOS too! Kindest regards, Patricia"
































8th Feb 09

More Sirdar Big Softie knitting from Maria.






























8th Feb 09

Another fab piece of knitting from Yvonne (of sock fame...scroll down).

"Hi Aneeta
I have recently completed the swing cardigan, which you kindly helped me with and have attached photographs.  It was for my daughter, Anna's 33rd birthday, she was thrilled with it.  I knit it in Twilley's organic cotton.  The yarn was not in my opinion and easy yarn to knit with.  I knit quite firmly, but found that this yarn was a bit slippery on the needles.  Luckily I did check my tension and used a size smaller needles.  The garment was the correct size, I'm happy to say.
























2nd Feb 09

Patricia, a Portuguese speaking Brazilian from Yorkshire sent the following pics of her knitting...I'm very proud of her!  She's been creative and really made the patterns in Knitty Gritty her own.

"Once again, thank you for the book! It's great! I'm originally from Brazil and that's where I learned to knit when I was little. I've been here for about 7 years now but I didn't know any knitting terms in English so Knitty Gritty was PERFECT to get me up and running again. And I'm loving it. Started knitting again in the middle of December and haven't stopped since! I think I have an addiction problem: I have to knit a little bit EVERY SINGLE DAY... But I've heard that's quite normal."




















24th Jan 09

Here's an Amazon review from Shelly:

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 22 Jan 2009

This book is an inspiration, I've already knitted some bootees from a free pattern by the author, which was what persuaded me to by the book.
No knitting tension squares, no complicated patterns,just easy to knit, practical projects, which allow for a bit of creativity and take into account the common mistakes made by new knitters.
If its got me knitting anyone can do it.

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18th Jan 09

Meet Yvonne...the only person more into sock knitting than I am.  Her family's Christmas presents make them a very lucky lot.  This is Opal Sock Yarn - self patterning goodness in a handy ball of yarn!




























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12th January 2009

Vicki's found a good use for my simple booties pattern.  If you don't have a copy of Knitty Gritty (and why not!!?), look on the Free Knitting Patterns page for this pattern.  Thanks Vicki...I'm looking forward to seeing your mittens!































2nd Jan 2009

I'm a huge fan of Sirdar's Big Softie, and the easy patterns that go with the yarn...and so is Maria.  Here she is in the Easy Tank; I have a feeling we'll be seeing her in more patterns from the Big Softie range very soon.  It's her first big knitting project for herself, and I'm so proud of how good it looks.  Unfortunately Maria is a bit camera shy...she shared her project with us on one condition...to remain anonymous!  I think that if I knitted something so pretty in Knitting-SOS-pink I'd be much more of a show-off about it. Cool


























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17th December 2008

Here's a seasonal offering from Moo...

"I was recently stuck for a present for Secret Santa at work (£3.00). I ended up having a go at the Tie pattern in Knitty Gritty. I had a ball of practice wool from my classes at All the Fun of the Fair and put in a bit of elbow grease!

I used some of the money to buy a nice presentation box and a bit of tissue and printed off instructions for how to tie a Windsor knot from the internet, eh viola! A present was formed! I even had a bit of money left over to buy a cheap retro book from the seventies at an old bookstore to go with it. A nice bit of kitsch.

He was pleased as punch and has worn it several times in the office since then! It only took me 4 days to complete and I managed to watch everything BBC Four had to offer in that time and now am a big Nana Mouskouri fan too…

I’m sending you a picture of the tie to have a look at: it’s not perfect but I really enjoyed it. Some other colleagues have asked me to make more! I need to recover because I worked on this one furiously to get it done in time"
































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12th December 2008

Here's some fat-free knitting from the sister of my editor, Megan from New Zealand.  Knitting SOS's furthest member...any further than that and you'd be on your way home! 


























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13th November 2008


Here's an interesting blog from October's Knitter of the Month, Alex.

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11th November 2008

If there was a prize for Best Travelled Knitting, it would go to Mahmuda for knitting her niece a hat and bootie set whilst travelling to Thailand, Cambodia, Switzerland, Rome, Brussels, and finished off on a long train journey from Paris to the South of France.  During a very rainy April earlier this year, Mahmuda was my star student during some classes I taught at All the Fun of the Fair.

Here's her knitting modelled by petite new born niece, Emily.  I'm loving the Nappy 'n' Knitwear look!

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3rd November 2008

September Knitting SOS's Knitter of the Month, Alex, sent me this photo.  He's knitting the Rainy Day Scarf using his prize yarn.  I'm guessing it's for his missus it matches the colour of her eyes...so romantic!

Pattern: Rainy Day Scarf

Source:  http://yarndemon.typepad.com/demonic_progress/2005/05/rainy_day_scarf.html






























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23rd October 2008

Harriot Lane Fox, journalist for The Telegraph, came to me for one class - for research purposes only of course(!)  A few days later, she sends me this photo.  As seen in the Sunday Telegraph, 2nd Nov08 *flicks hair pretentiously* Kiss 

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6th October 2008

Tania's been a student since about the spring.  She came along to Knitting SOS in October with a nearly knitted jumper and I taught her the joys of professional finishing. 

Tania is one of my 'creative' knitters.  I've never known her to listen to a pattern all the way through, she tends to go off in a flight of fancy whilst knitting, and this leads to some lovely personalised garments.  Tania's way of knitting is very brave and unique - just like her! 

She is unable to wear any animal fibres (she's allergic to anything with a soul apparently!) so constantly has to knits gauges and guess work out of inexpensive acrylics.  This hasn't stopped her making some very classy clobber.  So take a leaf out of Tania's book: if you want that pattern, in a different yarn, with a shorter neck line, different colour and longer length...go for it!


The name of the pattern is: Borealis Sweater
Source is from the book: Twinkle's Weekend Knits 
Designer is: Wenlan Chia

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