Note to Knitters typos


I spotted this as soon as I opened up the book for the very first time. It's throughout the book in the 'Note to Knitters' sections.

Every time there should be the sequence of letters 'fi', a capital 'I' with an umlaut appears instead. For example, "flap" looks like Ïap and "find" looks like Ïnd. It's a bit strange, but if you read the full paragraph then your brain should fill in the gap and hopefully you won't have too much trouble guessing the word.

The reason for this error is something to do with the version of Adobe that the printing houses use. It's very frustrating and no-one from the publishers has ever seen anything quite like it so there was a bit of head-scratching at first. It'll be corrected in future print runs so this is just an anomaly on the first lot of books.