Article about Knitting SOS in a Japanese magazine

I have no idea if it says nice things, but the pictures are pretty! 


Translation sourced by Alicia.  Thanks Kyoko!


? Long sentence at the top?
Here comes the boom of knitting again in England.Knitting is now getting popular among wide range of generation.WHat's characteristic is that both men and women are enyoing it.Some times you watch TV and find a man who is renowned as a kitting designer .THere is increase in the number of people who start learning kntting because of this boom.
In England there are many knitting classes and some of which take a style like student can share information and even teach one another are particularly popular.

?Teacher Anneta?
Friendly teacher Aneeta.Her knowledge of knitting is ample.She always gives good lectures which meet the level and ambitions each students have. There is always cheerful atmosphere in class and students can really enjoy creating their own works having chat.

?One of student Samantha?
?what made you start knitting?
Always has been wanted to do something creative which is totally separated from bussy stressfull job.

??bout class ?
Students can learn anything from basic which is for begineer to advance.
No need to worry about your unskillfullness.Teacher has patience and politeness to teach people who are not very skillfull.

?Favourate point
Class is always consisted of small group so there is always friendly,at homing atmosphere.And teacher is great. We can call her to get some advices whenever we go into some tricky stage and have no idea how to solve it when practicing at home!


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