Knitty Grittier



Hi all,


I’m finally considering (thoughts about thoughts) writing a sequel to Knitty Gritty (Knitty Grittier - working title).


A worry that’s holding me back from starting this project is all the knitting that needs to be done. Knitty Gritty (the original) left me with numerous back, neck, arm and hand pains. Even now, two years on, I’ve still not recovered and any significant amount of knitting has me reaching for the painkillers.


For the first Knitty Gritty, I had several very loyal and committed beginners knitters beavering away for me to test my patterns and find the holes that I couldn’t see myself - this made Knitty Gritty a book actually tried and tested by beginner knitters. This is a great part of its success.


Knitty Grittier will be for the ‘advanced beginner’ or intermediate knitter.


What would be a great help is, first of all, suggestions. What would you like in a sequel to Knitty Gritty? What haven’t you found in other books? What would you like to knit now that you’ve got some basic techniques and projects under your belt? All ideas and suggestions welcome. After all, this book will be for YOU!


Secondly, I need knitters! My budget is small, but I can of course provide all materials, and the finished pieces are yours to keep. What I really need is for people to test my patterns for corrections, amendments and improvements...guinea pigs!


If you think you can help - either with knitting or ideas, please please get back to me! The best place to contact me on is .

Thank you and speak soon!

Aneeta x
07940 850 458