Knitty Grittier (working title) now in the works!


So..because of all the kind emails, phone calls and the ocassional desperate knitter(!) I've decided to write a second book (with the lovely people from my publishers at A&C Black).  This will be a intermediate level book with techniques such as knitting in the round, knitting and sewing up raglan finishes, wrap and turn, kitchener stitch, 3-needle bind off, and more.  Projects will include a simple lady's jumper with waist shaping and fully fashioned raglan finishes, a bulky man's jumper, socks, a beaded evening bag, goodies for the kids and much more! 


Feel free to send me suggestions/opinions.  This book is for YOU so don't be shy to contribute!


I'm looking for knitters to test my patterns - this not only saves me from endless knitting aches and pains, but also means that my patterns can once again have a tried and tested guarantee!  My knitting guinea pigs were invaluable in making Knitty Gritty a success and I hope you will help me in making my second book just as useful to knitters as the first.


Thank you for all your support in my work so far...I find all the knitters and learners I work with a huge inspiration!  : )


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Aneeta x