Kate's Knitting Campaign



"A challenge to all knitters: How many items of warm clothing can we give
to homeless people in London this winter?
C4WS - the Community of Camden Churches Cold Weather Shelter - opens its
doors every year from December to March to offer shelter, food and company
to up to fifteen homeless guests every night (67 during the last winter).
Our guests are of all ages, genders and backgrounds and last year, of the
guests that actively engaged with the C4WS Welfare Worker, 96% were
assisted in securing accommodation, returning home or moving in with
This year we are asking for donations from an army of generous knitters.
Some volunteers during the time we've been open have knitted warm clothing
for our guests. This makes a real difference to them, because not only are
they able to keep warm during the bitterly cold daytime (when we cannot
open our doors), but they know someone has cared enough to give them a
personal gift.
If you are able, we would ask you to knit an item of clothing (anything
from socks to a sweater) but please bear in mind the following guidelines:
1) Please only use fibres that can be treated roughly and washed in a
normal cycle.
2) The guests of C4WS are very diverse, so please use neutral colours and
Once you have made your item, please send an email and I will let you know where to send it. We would ask you to please cover the cost of postage.  (If you send the email to aneeta@knittingsos.co.uk I'll forward it to Kate.)

If there is anything left over at the end of the scheme, we intend to sell
it to raise further funds for C4WS - nothing will be wasted."
Please let me know if you have any questions, and if you would be able to
support us. The scheme stays open until the end of March and we will
receive knitted items up to the bitter end so there is plenty of time!
Best wishes,
Kate (friend of the lovely Helen - see Knitter of the Month page!)