...copies of Knitty Gritty!  I was just told today that the 5th print-run of Knitty Gritty is now out.  That means 15,000 have been printed in total since the book came out in Sept 2008.  And for an additional piece of trivia, 3000 copies have been sold in 2011 so far - between Jan-March.

I'm feeling a mixture of proud of my acheivement, and a bit queasy at the pressure of success.  It reminds me how many people have forked out hard earned £$Y, etc for my work and how much responsibility I hold in getting my second book to be just as helpful to knitters around the world as my first book.  GULP!

Thank you to everyone I've worked with on both books, my Mum and Dad, and all you out there for voting for me.  That's a revision of my Oscar speech - please note that I won't cry*

*that might be a lie : )