Katia Gatsby

I always covet sparkly yarns…the blinger the better (if blinger is a word).  But what has stopped me knitting a sparkly garment in the past is that the yarn is either fluffy (I suffer with hayfever at the first sign of ‘something’ floating in the air) or scratchy.  Having uber-sensitive skin, eyes and nasal passages is a bit of a pain for a knitter and is always a factor in what I knit.


I first saw Katia Gatsby yarn when a knitter brought a ball along to Knitting SOS’s knitting group.  As soon as I felt how soft it was I immediately had to go on a hunt for some!  It was hard to find, but when I did I knew I had to have it.  I don’t buy a great deal of yarn as my stash is the size of Kilimanjaro, but I made an exception for this.


The result is a 4-ply, short sleeved cardigan with cable twist detail.  It’s still a bit of a work in progress as I need to think about the front fastening, but I’ve already worn it and delighted in the sparkle.  I’m one happy knitter!