The Knit Kit

The Knit Kit has been coined by the industry as "The Swiss Army" tool for Knitters…an ambitious tagline that I totally agree with!  I rarely leave the flat without mine as it’s useful for all sorts of crafting emergencies.  When it comes to taking some knitting on holiday or out to an event, The Knit Kit is the first thing I pack.

It comes with:

·         Folding scissors (that are acceptable on flights).

·         A double sided crochet hook for different weights of yarn.

·         A darning needle.

·         Markers.

·         Needle stops to prevent losing your stitches in transit.

·         A tape measure.

·         A needle gauge.

·         A row counter.


And it’s all in a handy little case that’s perfect for your knitting bag or even handbag!  A genius tool for all knitters.