Pure Luxury Merino by Stylecraft

There are many on-trend yarn companies out there and I don’t necessarily think that Stylecraft is one of them.  This made me even more keen to point out that expensive doesn’t always mean the ‘best’.  Stylecraft have a wide range of yarns that range from basic acrylics to interesting mixed fibres to pure wools.


I don’t often knit with pure wool because I find that ‘fancier’ yarns can have a tendency to be less hard wearing and potentially more bobbly.  However Pure Luxury Merino does what is says on the label and is still a great quality yarn in terms of durability.  I for one DO NOT want to spend hours, weeks and months knitting something that bobbles or doesn’t wash easily.


This yarn is machine washable which means that the garment doesn’t need to be kept for a special occasion and is so soft and smooth that it knits up absolutely beautifully.  I knitted a tank top for my notoriously fussy (…ew it’s itchy!) other half and he wears in a blissful mixture of comfort and style.  This makes me very happy!  A lovely yarn to knit with, durable, and a price that won’t break the bank.