Error and correction

This one's a doozer... The worst error I've found so far. This one really broke my heart.

In the centre section, 'How did I make that 'cross over' mistake?' the graphic designers (Fridge Creative) repeated the same image for the correct and incorrect versions. (ARGH!) Here is how it SHOULD look:










The image on the left is incorrect (you would end up with an extra 'crossed over' stitch). The image on the right is the correct method.

To make the correction in your copy of Knitty Gritty, I've created some sticky labels of the correct image to fit the same size and shape of the incorrect image in the book. If you email me with your address, I'll happily send you the sticker in the post so you can put it over the offending incorrect one. I have plans to stick these in all 3000 copies!