Error and correction


There's a slight inaccuracy in the diagram for the hot water bottle.  The image is correct, but the part about casting on and off isn't right.

The main text of the pattern is correct (in the pink box) so if you follow that you'll be just fine.

The diagram should read:



Cast on 41sts.

Moss stitch 7cm.

Stocking stitch to 30cm ending on a purl row.

Cast off 12, knit 1 row.

Cast off 12, purl 1 row.

Moss stitch for 18cm ending in a ws row.

Cast on 12, knit 1 row.

Cast on 12, purl 1 row.

Stocking stitch for 30cm.

Moss stitch 10 row.

Buttonhole row.

Moss stitch 8 rows.

Cast off.





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